Criminal tries to escape from police, gets caught

In the plain sight of day, an intruder was seen breaking into a construction site. Our OHZ agents immediately used speakers on him multiple times, warning him to leave. The man ignored the warnings and continued to search the place looking for something to steal. The agent then immediately called the police. While the police were doing a vigorous search of the building, they received a call back from the agent, notifying that the intruder was about to escape. The agent guided the police out through the exit, to where the intruder was going. They chased after him and caught him before he could escape. And another crime was prevented. ...

Another crime prevented by OHZ Security

An intruder was caught jumping over the fence of a construction site. Our OHZ Security agent used the speakers on him, threatening to call the police, and another crime was prevented.
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Sniffer Dogs And SWAT Team Catch Intruder

It was early morning when an agent detected an individual breaking into a hotel. The agent contacted the police right away after which they contacted the site manager with relevant information about the suspect. The police arrived within minutes after the call was made. After searching the lobby, they realized that the two of them wouldn’t be enough. They called for
backup. Meanwhile, the suspect was roaming around the second floor. He realized he was being tracked. Trying to remain hidden, he crouched under the window hiding there. Within minutes, the police officers called for the SWAT team and sniffer dogs to assist them. After searching thoroughly, they found him hiding and arrested him.

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Crime Prevented by OHZ Security

At about 2 AM, an OHZ Monitoring agent picked up motion, and what they found was a white male trespassing in a building site. Without hesitation, our agent immediately called the police while closely monitoring the suspect. The police arrived within minutes. While one officer was looking for signs of a forced break-in, the other decided to use a flashlight to get a look at the basement from the outside. The suspect realized this and on his way to surrendering, he dropped everything he was planning to steal. The man was removed from the property and another crime was prevented.

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Introduction to OHZ Security


The days of stationing one or more guards across a site or property are over. Our remote teams are supported by an army of Virtual Guards that are never in harm’s way and they never miss an attempted incursion into your secure areas. What results are security solutions that are cost-effective, that prevent infiltration through interactive deterrence and integrate real-time communication with law enforcement.

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