OHZ Security Solutions offers simple, easy and rapid
deployment of our system in nearly all settings.

From Industrial and construction sites to commercial, healthcare, retail, hotel and multifamily residential locations, OHZ is designed to have plug-and-play simplicity, one that easily integrates into existing hardware. We can also expertly advise on from-the-ground-up construction, integration and deployment of the latest hardware to allow the seamless onboarding into OHZ systems. We have you up and running in very little time.


Reduce up to 80% off your current security costs by deploying virtual guards. Never miss a threat and always see beyond the line of sight, by adding a layer of protection that actually saves you money. Our state of the art monitoring system is compatible with most existing surveillance infrastructures and can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of on-sight human guards. OHZ Security Solutions are supported with multiple layers of redundancy, including Artificial Intelligence and a remote team of human assets to ensure the continuous uninterrupted security of your property.


Our 24-hour support team is dedicated to ensuring that your OHZ monitored security system is operational at all times, with layers of Wireless, Cellular and Hardwired integration. These are combined with two SOCs (Security Operation Centers), providing you with multiple layers of needed, critical and reliable redundancy.


Our team works very fast to verify an attempted break-in is in progress. If someone attempts to compromise your location our AI detects the threat and alerts our Virtual human guards, who are safely positioned remotely. Our team, in real time will assess the situation and engage the intruder with deterrence measures, while coordinating with local law enforcement. Our team then provides Police with spontaneous eyes-on information, regarding the location, the movements and the description of the intruder. We build relationships with local law enforcement, which ultimately leads to faster response times.


OHZ Security Solutions can be valuable in monitoring the safety of your workers. Intruders aren’t the only threat to your business. Inclement weather and human error can lead to damaged infrastructure. If human error, heavy winds or rain damage your property, endangering the safety of your employees, OHZ is often the first to have eyes on the situation, giving you up-to-the-minute data on the state of your location and the threat to the safety of your people and property.



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