OHZ offers best in class, remotely monitored security solutions. Our powerful systems and highly skilled remote guards are supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and guided by countless hours of real-world threat engagement. The OHZ method is holistic. We take a fresh, top-down approach to securing your property.

OHZ is a privately held, nationally recognized leader in the field of remote monitored security. We are your eye in the sky. Our founders are seasoned property managers that have faced the entire gamut of security threats. We’ve amassed a diversified team of security specialists highly adept at analyzing and identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. OHZ fulfills your security needs with proven customizable solutions.

Our trusted team of highly experienced security guards are stationed safely and remotely in the Greater New York City area. They are supported by one of the most technically advanced Artificial Intelligence systems, which enables OHZ to deploy innovative and reliable security solutions. You can rest assured that your properties and your investments are guarded around the clock, by the very best in the industry.


Neil Kerevko

Director of Operations

Neil is an expert at security monitoring and analytics holding multiple industry certifications. His experience in security research allows him to create thought-leading security operations, monitoring and vulnerability management assessments for our clients. Neil analyzes operational data from a multitude of sources to be driven by automation and data analytics to proactively monitor systems both on- and off-premises.

Neil is a force in backlog, capacity planning and developing performance improvement plans to drive excellence and optimization. He ensures OHZ’s 24-hour support team is on point every day ensuring that your OHZ monitored security system is operational at all times. Neil’s love of process, analytical mind and proactive approach provide our clients the reassurance of rapid response to all site service needs.

John Anderson

Director of R&D

Head down in data and he prefers it no other way, John has a deep learning of video analytics and is a leading industry specialist in critical infrastructure protection. John earned his degree in micro-nucleonics and has a brilliant mind. Fortunately, John’s insight into performance, effective and cost-efficient services ensure our property managers cutting-edge critical infrastructure protection.

John is an accomplished leader with deep experience building and leading R&D teams. He brings insight and input to the teams from varied perspectives to provide meaningful innovation and performance technologies.

Binyomin Kleinman

Sales Manager

Binyomin is one of the chief architects of our proprietary remote security system that pairs live human beings (experienced security guards) with state-of-the-art remote monitoring systems that are supported by Artificial Intelligence. His philosophy is not to yield an inch of ground to would-be infiltrators. This has resulted in many of the positive redundancies and safeguards found in our system.

Jason Trexler

Senior Sales Officer

Jason’s background is in B2B marketing and sales of disaster recovery, network infrastructure & remote guarded security. With his well traveled relevant life experiences, degree in business administration, and years in the video monitored security industry Jason is uniquely positioned to help OHZ’s customers gain the maximum potential of the OHZ remote guarding solution. Jason helps to test plus implement new marketing and sales processes to propel the overall stretegic growth of OHZ. Jason thrives on meeting the security needs of OHZ customers and keeping in contact with them regularly to ensure that their changing security needs are met.

Isaac Feldman

Director of Business Development

Isaac’s background is in credit analysis and client relations. His experience with credit analysis and Online threats to consumer credit has uniquely positioned him to understand the real-world threats that property managers face daily. His methodical analytical approach to security threats and his candid communication skills, reassures clients that his door is always open to discuss a site’s ever evolving security needs.

Benjamin Spitz


Ben has an extensive background in site and asset management. Think of Ben as the conductor – in the orchestration of how OHZ integrates human assets with AI support. His focus is on integrated system performance and the functionality of the computer systems that maintain and manage our surveillance systems. Benjamin completed formal training in self-defense, with members of the IDF’s Special Forces Operations, which has given him real world perspective on the numerous security threats that businesses and properties are confronted with.

David Sporn

Executive Account Manager

David’s background in project and account management of diverse B2B accounts gives him the ability to know what’s needed before it’s needed. We call him radar. David is certified in project management and ensures everything is done accurately and in a timely manner, acting as the liaison between clients and departments to convey information and ensure understanding.  David monitors account budgets and terms and also develops progress reports to clients and upper management.



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