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Event-Based Security Solutions with OHZ

Get state-of-the-art security for specific events including motion detection, line crossing, object removal, and suspicious items left behind.

Types of Security Protection by OHZ Security

Motion Detection
Get notified immediately in real-time the moment someone is detected in an area of your property where they are not permitted, including during specific hours of the day.
Line Crossing
OHZ Security can detect if someone crosses a particular threshold on your commercial property.
Object Removal
If an object is taken from a particular place, OHZ Security will immediately detect the moment the object is removed and any on-site guards, local police, and business owners can be notified in real-time.
Suspicious Items Left Behind
Any unwanted item left behind, such as a package or suitcase, will be instantly detected and OHZ Security will contact the local authorities, on-site guards, and business owner if needed.

How Event-Based Security with OHZ Works to Protect Your Business

Before installing your OHZ security system, OHZ Security Experts will perform an assessment of your property and develop a customized plan for your needs.
We install our security systems at various locations throughout your property. The area is protected with the most advanced security features.
In addition to the local police, the business owner and live guards (if applicable) can be added to the notification list for any potentially suspicious activity detected.

Schedule a Free Security Consultation

OHZ Remote Guarding will perform a complete and comprehensive on-site threat assessment of your property.

Innovative Security For All Situations

OHZ Security utilizes complex technology to give your business and property the security needed 24/7. Protect your business from all types of criminal activity including potential theft, burglaries, and any dangers including suspicious objects left in your area.

Our advanced security measures can be incorporated anywhere you need to give peace of mind that your business is securely monitored.

When you choose OHZ Remote Guarding, you will get all this ….

A customized security plan for your property that contains all the features and requirements to create the highest level of protection
100% Five Diamond certified monitoring center, which is equipment with the latest AI solutions for effective property protection.
A team of professional Remote Guards who are able to monitor every square meter of your property around the clock.
Excellent customer service, which allows you to be aware of everything that is happening on the territory, and have full confidence that any possible threat to your property will be instantly eliminated.
A reliable security partner who cares about your peace of mind. We work to ensure that our clients' property is reliably protected and remains untouched.
Before installing CCTV, book a free security assessment for your property

Areas of Service

We can provide event-based services to a wide variety of industries and buildings, including: