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Experienced Remote Guards, guided by Artificial intelligence, monitor your camera systems, ensuring that your properties are safe and secure.

OHZ Remote Guarding Solutions

  • Remote Guarding

    Remote Guards monitor your property around the clock to provide absolute protection and keep your property safe from potential dangers.
  • CCTV Installations

    Our team will install video surveillance cameras and additional technology to ensure maximum control of your site.
  • Virtual Doorman

    You can control residents and visitors on your property by blocking access access to secured areas unwanted people.
  • AI Security

    We manage innovative security systems, allowing us to provide absolute protection for your property.
  • On-Site Consultation

    We audit the property and design a solution that will satisfy your security needs.


    The days of stationing one or more guards across a site or property are over. Our remote teams are supported by an army of Remote Guards that are never in harm’s way and they never miss an attempted incursion into your secure areas. What results are security solutions that are cost-effective, that prevent infiltration through interactive deterrence and integrate real-time communication with law enforcement.

    Our Clients

    We provide high-tech and efficient remote guarding solutions for companies across the United States.

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    OHZ Remote Guarding will perform a complete and comprehensive on-site threat assessment of your property.


    The gratitude expressed to us by our clients is greatly appreciated and inspires us to achieve successful results.

      "Theft, damages and unwelcome loitering are a major area of concern for hotel operators and owners. OHZ offers an effective high-tech solution which is a blend of technology and human interface, producing superior monitoring and intervention services that dramatically reduce these areas of concern. At Rosdev hotels, we have discovered OHZ’s solutions and subscribed to the same. The results have been substantial savings in the tens of thousands"


      "With multiple construction sites under my watch, I needed someone I could trust to take some of the stress off my daily grind. Based on positive recommendation, I tried them on one construction site. They successfully caught a perpetrator and prevented extensive damage. I now use OHZ’s services for all my construction sites and receive real time alerts when someone trespasses after hours. It’s no longer only about crime prevention. It’s about using technology for construction accuracy and employee safety."


    OHZ Remote Guarding remains a leader in the remote guarding industry through
    the constant pursuit of excellence and by maintaining the highest professional standards.

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    We offer state-of-the-art security solutions that can provide around-the-clock security for any type of commercial or private property.