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Facial Recognition with OHZ

Take your security to the next level with OHZ Facial Recognition solutions. By using the most advanced technology, our Facial Recognition system can detect who should and should not receive access to your business.

Facial Recognition Technology For Added Security

OHZ Facial Recognition technology utilizes complex, state-of-the-art algorithms that map and learn each specific face that will need access to the building or secure area. Shapes such as the nose, chin, mouth, areas around the eyes, and additional features are created into a faceprint. Each face that has been programmed into the Facial Recognition technology can then be quickly identified, matched with a specific name in the access-approved database, and granted entry into the building/property.

Advantages of OHZ Facial Recognition

Provides Additional Security Across All Levels
Give access to individuals who need to be on-site while keeping people offsite who shouldn’t be there. OHZ Facial Recognition can be placed at multiple entry points, keeping your building and property secure.
Extremely Effective
Facial Recognition is known as one of the most effective identification methods and security systems available. Any facial data collected is always kept private.
Receive Real-Time Alerts
If anyone attempts to access your Facial Recognition system who is not recognized, access will be denied and OHZ Remote Guards can notify authorities if needed.
Safer Workplace
Your workplace becomes safer for employees, contractors, and/or visitors with OHZ Facial Recognition solutions, helping the business operate at its most efficient level, distraction-free.

How Facial Recognition Works to Protect Your Business

Before installing your Facial Recognition security system, OHZ Security Experts will perform an assessment of your property and develop a customized plan for your needs.
We install Facial Recognition systems at various entry points throughout your property. The area is protected with the most advanced security features and any facial data collected is securely stored.
Your employees, contractors, and other individuals needing access can begin using the Facial Recognition system. If any suspicious activity is detected, such as someone attempting to use the security system who does not have access, OHZ Remote Guards are instantly notified and authorities can be contacted.

Areas of Service

We can provide Facial Recognition services to a wide variety of industries and buildings, including:
Apartment complexes
Parking lots
Cannabis facilities
Car dealerships
Government buildings
Healthcare facilities
Office buildings
Power grids
Rehab facilities
And many more

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