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Virtual Doorman Remote Surveillance

Create a professional, safe and inviting visitor experience with our state-of-the-art Virtual Doorman Surveillance Services.

Benefits of Virtual Doorman

We provide installation and management of remote access and virtual doorman service. With our service, companies save money on maintaining a large security staff, by implementing the latest solutions that are proven to be effective investments.

We are the fastest growing remote door man service in America, offering a premium product with proven success in the marketplace. Our product is constantly evolving to include the innovations of the latest security technology. Successful implementation of remote access & concierge service will make your business processes more efficient and less costly.

The perfect 3-in-1 security solution

A high-tech alternative to an on-site doorman or concierge, OHZ Remote Guarding provides the same services as a traditional doorman but at a fraction of the cost.

Visitor Management

Monitoring of all visitors on your property, whether they are customers, residents, employees or strangers. Access to your property by unwanted persons will be completely blocked by our Remote Guards. The Remote Guard uses surveillance cameras and voice connection to identify authorized individuals and allow access to the property.

Gate Access Control

You can install a gate access control system to any entrance, whether for pedestrians or cars. Access is controlled by the Remote Guard, who controls the gate in the parking lot. Each driver is identified by the Remote Guards. Drivers who are not authorized are not granted access. All activity at the gate is recorded on video, and compiled into an action report.

Virtual Doorman

The Virtual Doorman service is often provided alongside our remote guarding service, which provides reliable protection for the restricted area. Working from a certified video monitoring center, the Virtual Doorman has the ability to instantly detect a threat and stop criminal attempts. When you request access control service, you also receive professional security guards who will protect your property from theft, illegal intrusion and vandalism.

Features of a Virtual Doorman

Installing a gate access control service on your premises, provides many advantages for the security system.

Reduce Cost

Security guards and concierges are often expensive, so the security industry is moving towards automation and more efficient use of human labor. When it comes to gate control, technological solutions are an investment in one's own security system. Providing on-site access occurs 24/7/365.

Virtual Concierge

OHZ Remote Guarding provides state-of-the-art virtual guarding technology while providing concierge services that have standards equal to those found in a luxury hotel. This will not only improve your security, but is also a great solution for a positive customer experience.

Video Monitoring

Remote Guards monitor your property and immediately detect and eliminate possible dangers on your property. You can have peace of mind about your property and be sure of its protection from vandalism, theft and any other type of crime.

Modern Security Systems

We use AI security solutions which are ahead of their time. The effectiveness of these technologies has been repeatedly confirmed when the human eye does not detect theft or illegal activity. The latest security technology provides a complete overview of the area and detects possible crime before it starts.

Simple, Flexible & Scalable

A visitor management system doesn't have to be a complex solution. We provide user-friendly solutions, which will be a pleasure to use. Modern security technologies can be simple and efficient.

Workplace Management

Your workplace becomes safer for visitors, employees and contractors which helps your business operate more efficiently. Including an integrated workplace management system in your business can help enhance both employee and customer experiences.

Installation remote access control system is perfect for:

  • Apartment complexes

  • Office buildings

  • Parking lots

  • Car dealers

  • Manufacturing sites

  • Logistics facility

  • Hotels

  • Medical facilities

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    Do You Know Why Installing Video Cameras Are Ineffective Without A Remote Guarding Service?

    Cameras give you the opportunity to record crime on your premises, enables businesses to recoup losses after damages. With an effective remote guarding service you can prevent the crime from occuring. Find out more about the benefits of Remote Guards at OHZ Remote Guarding.
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