The OHZ method is both holistic and comprehensive.
Each step in our consultation and planning process is
designed to mitigate your security threats, decrease your
security costs and to lessen your liability.

We visit your site. That allows us to take a fresh, personalized and top-down approach to securing your property. We analyze for potential weaknesses and we move to harden your defenses, by installing high resolution security camera systems. To deter threats before they arise, we deploy 2-way audio speakers, enabling us to intercept and to thwart would be criminals. OHZ leverages the element of surprise.

Meanwhile, our highly experienced security guards are stationed safely and remotely in our Security Operations Center. Our security operators are supported by one of the most technically advanced Artificial Intelligence systems empowering them to see beyond the line of sight. You can rest assured that your properties and your investments are guarded around the clock, by the very best in the industry.

OHZ deploys a live, proactive monitoring system. If an incident arises it’s caught by one of our guards or our (AI) system alerts our remote guards, who then utilize the 2-way audio speakers to halt, to warn and to ward off any would-be threat. If the situation escalates our Remote Guards then coordinate with law enforcement, offering Police real-time information as to the description, the location, the activities and the movements of the perpetrators, until the crisis is resolved. After an incident occurs you receive an itemized and detailed incident.


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