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Remote Monitoring

Increase the reliability and efficiency of your security system by implementing a remote monitoring service.

Remote video monitoring will protect your property from accidental and malicious damages

Remote video monitoring provides the highest level of protection at each facility through security technology and the responsible work of Remote Guards.
Remote Guards monitor everything that happens on the store premises, detecting shoplifters immediately and passing a description of their appearance to the on-site guard.
When an offender is detected, the Remote Guards immediately calls the police. Fast response in emergency situations ensures the offender is apprehended before he can escape.
Illegal Entry
If the two-way audio speaker is ignored by the intruder, the police arrive at the property minutes later and prevent escape.
Employee Theft
Remote Guards also monitor your employees to prevent possible theft, downtime, or other activities that may be strictly prohibited by your company rules.
Remote video monitoring is the best protection against vandalism, as two-way audio speakers are used to make the vandal flee the premises.
Emergency Situations
When people around your property need emergency assistance, Remote Guards will be the first to help.
Armed Assault
When an unauthorized individual is armed and displaying undesirable behavior, Remote Guards handle it effectively and immediately. Guns are quickly discovered and reported.
Resident Control
You can be sure that your territory will be protected from unwanted persons. Resident control helps Remote Guards block the entrance to anyone who isn’t authorized.

The advantages of remote video monitoring system installation

The ultimate security solution that will increase the safety of your property, business and people.
Instantly react to danger and prevent crime before it can be completed
Absolute monitoring of every inch of your property
Skillful use of the latest artificial intelligence-based security technology
Instant response to any possible threats to your property 24/7/365
An investment that proves its effectiveness within days.

Results after installing remote monitoring

Being able to measure a successful solution in numbers is one indication that the solution was right and cost effective.

Reduced the percentage of theft at construction sites.

Over the past year

Reduce the percentage of retail shoplifting.


Reduce the percentage of employee's theft.


Level of security for property.

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A customized security plan for your property that contains all the features and requirements to create the highest level of protection
100% Five Diamond certified monitoring center, which is equipment with the latest AI solutions for effective property protection.
A team of professional Remote Guards who are able to monitor every square meter of your property around the clock.
Excellent customer service, which allows you to be aware of everything that is happening on the territory, and have full confidence that any possible threat to your property will be instantly eliminated.
A reliable security partner who cares about your peace of mind. We work to ensure that our clients' property is reliably protected and remains untouched.


OHZ Remote Guarding remains a leader in the remote guarding industry through
the constant pursuit of excellence and by maintaining the highest professional standards.

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