Modern office spaces demand a cutting-edge surveillance system to ensure safety and security. This is precisely what OHZ Remote Guarding delivers. Our state-of-the-art A.I. system swiftly identifies potential threats and concerns, triggering an immediate response.

OHZ can be the gatekeeper for your property, confirming who should have access to a building, site or a storage container and who should not. Many businesses rely on after-the-fact evidence that doesn’t stop a crime in progress and has little value if criminals cannot be identified. Our remote agents react instantly and protect you from different risks.


Battling Theft

The mere presence of cameras can sometimes deter theft, yet occasions arise when immediate action is needed to deter arising issues. That’s why we continually enhance our agents’ capabilities to offer top-tier service. Our distinction lies in the quality of our software and the professionalism of our team. Addressing office theft also extends to ensuring your employees remain productive – a necessity to safeguard your finances.


Cutting Security Costs

Traditional on-site security personnel incur substantial annual costs, often without yielding optimal results. OHZ’s live video monitoring solution introduces a team of skilled operators who vigilantly watch over your cameras. With us, you can be confident that trained experts are overseeing your property. Our company thwarts numerous crimes daily, ultimately saving clients substantial costs on live guards.


Managing Liability

Video surveillance requires a vast amount of data to be stored, which can become costly. Our remote guards capture critical moments using artificial intelligence, providing you with high-quality photo and video evidence to protect the interests of your office staff.


Instant Response and Proactive Measures

Our team works quickly to detect any break-in attempts. If your location faces a breach, our A.I. promptly identifies the threat, notifying our Virtual human guards stationed remotely. Our team, in real time will assess the situation and engages the intruder over loudspeakers, while coordinating with local law enforcement.

Elevate your office security with OHZ Remote Guarding, where advanced technology meets vigilant protection.