Often, clients contact us when they already have their own security system, and are looking for solutions  to upgrade it. Having a security guard on site is a great advantage, but a guard does not have the ability to monitor the full perimeter of a large property. Paying more money for more guards is not enough to ensure security on every square meter. Installing surveillance cameras is necessary to control what’s happening on the property, but who will be in charge of surveillance? How is it even possible for one person to deal with streaming from dozens of monitors without specialized security software? 

Installing remote video monitoring in a security system is key to achieve the highest level of protection for any type of private or business property. The hallmark of reliability of remote monitoring is a professional team of Remote Guards who monitor everything happening on your property in real time. Surveillance is conducted from high-tech video monitoring centers that have all the necessary capabilities for skillful security management in the hands of a Remote Guards. The Remote Guards is in real-time communication with the on-site guard or security manager, allowing any security system to perform its functions perfectly and respond immediately to any threats. Let’s take a look at a few of the main reasons why every business should upgrade their security system by installing a remote video monitoring system.


1) Innovative level of security opportunities. 

Installing a remote video monitoring system ensures that you have a complete, real-time view of everything that happens on your property. Nothing can be hidden or left undetected. A Remote Guards will always be the first to detect a breach and take action to stop the crime instantly. The video monitoring center has the ability to use a two-way speaker to warn the offender, as well as a Remote Guards that can block exits from the gate or parking area. If your property is also guarded by an on-site security guard, he will immediately receive a report with photo/video proof of the crime and the perpetrator’s appearance. The collaboration between the on-site guard and the Remote Guards on your property allows a complete prevention of theft, robbery, trespassing, or any other disturbance on your property. 


2) Personalizing your video monitoring system according to the needs of your property. 

Every property certainly has its own unique characteristics that must be considered when designing the perfect security system for a facility. Before installing a video monitoring system, experts make a detailed analysis of your territory, its features, the surveillance systems used, types of cameras, number of guards on site and more. This analysis allows us to customize the video monitoring system to get the maximum level of control over the required area, taking into account all the risk factors. For instant communication between the Remote Guards and the facility manager, we create custom communication channels, ensuring an immediate response to any threat. Installation of a video-monitoring system is the most important element in the facility security system, and will combine each aspect of your security system and completely prevent any threats.


3) State-of-the-art security technology within a certified video monitoring center. 

It is impossible to take full advantage of the installed video cameras without a well-established software control panel of streaming video in real time.  Specialized security center “OHZ Remote Guarding” is certified by Underwriters Laboratories, The Monitoring Association, and the Better Business Bureau, which confirms the absolute professionalism of OHZ Remote Guarding in providing advanced security solutions. Our video monitoring center is equipped with advanced security technology based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to instantly identify the occurrence of danger. In some cases, the video monitoring system is based on the principle of creating trigger zones. When there’s an intrusion or specified activity in a restricted area, an alarm is sent to the guard. Even if the activity occurs in the dark, the trigger system can detect unauthorized activity and reveal its exact location on your property. The signal is relayed to the Remote Guards at the panel, who takes immediate action to resolve the incident. Often, several remote guards are assigned to the site, ensuring an immediate response to the episode and its resolution. To successfully operate advanced security technology, you need a lot of technological equipment, which can cost you several hundred thousand dollars if you decide to create such a system yourself. 


4) Profitable Investment.

Installation of a remote video monitoring system is a good investment decision. The first impact factor is a significant reduction of losses from burglary, vandalism or misappropriation of your property. The attention of Remote Guards is directed not only to external threats, but also to your employees, thus leaving absolutely no chance for employee theft. An additional factor is the ability to optimize your security budget. A video monitoring system quickly proves its efficiency and reliability, allowing you to reconsider the budget spent on  keeping security guards on site, and make a decision to rely on only a few top professionals and their interaction with Remote Guards.


5) Control, recording and reporting.

Nothing can escape detection on your property. The video monitoring system captures everything that happens in photo/video format, allowing you to have all the evidence you need to protect your property. In addition, all communication takes place in real time, in which the Remote Guards provides instant information about the situation on your property. Remote monitoring eliminates the possibility of a delayed response or concealment. Video recordings from cameras are recorded and stored for a long time to verify the criminal activity on your property and its successful resolution. Absolute control over everything guarantees absolute protection of your property. 

We would also like to note that remote protection will be a compulsory solution for each private or business facility, because it is designed to be a unifying link in the security system providing the highest level of protection. Installing a video monitoring system is not a luxury, but a necessity, so you be sure that your property is reliably protected. Complete protection gives you peace of mind which means you can think freely about how to develop your business further. 

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