Securing government buildings is a top priority, and OHZ Security has the expertise to provide excellent protection. Our CCTV systems and virtual guards play a crucial role in enhancing safety and security.


Security Cameras Placement:

We strategically position cameras inside and outside buildings to monitor key areas like entrances, exits, public spaces, and sensitive areas. This helps boost security and acts as a deterrent to potential threats.


Threat Prevention:

Government buildings are often targets for security threats. Our CCTV cameras keep a close eye on the premises, deterring wrongdoers and preventing security incidents by capturing any suspicious activity or unauthorized access.


Identification & Access Control:

In case of security breaches, our CCTV footage aids in identifying individuals involved, providing evidence for law enforcement. Integration with access control systems allows visual verification of individuals entering, enabling controlled access. Alerts can also be set for individuals that do not belong in a building using facial recognition.


Emergency Response & Traffic Management:

Our virtual guards have access to local police as well as on-site security for quick response to security breaches. For added functionality, we use CCTV for traffic management around government buildings, aiding in vehicle access control, traffic flow, and parking management.


Custom Security Solutions:

OHZ Security offers a free security assessment where our experts evaluate your facility’s needs. We then create a tailored security plan, allowing you to experience the excellence of our OHZ Remote Guarding team at no cost.


Enhance your government building’s security with OHZ. Get a free security assessment now!