Did you know the number of criminal incidents in car dealerships is increasing each year? In fact,
it’s estimated that vehicle thefts are responsible for $4 billion worth of losses annually. Additionally,
less than half of stolen vehicles are recovered.

This puts car dealerships at significant risk of theft and other criminal activity.

Thankfully, modern security systems with OHZ Security utilize state-of-the technology to protect
your business and keep your property safe. Our remote video surveillance contains sophisticated
cameras with remote video monitoring and artificial intelligence. Remote Guards are available to
stop crime in its tracks the moment it occurs and immediately notify local authorities.

Don’t let crime ruin your business. Here are 4 reasons car dealerships need remote video


1. Theft

Car dealerships are a treat for thiefs. Easily movable items such as wheels, catalytic converters
and navigation systems can be particularly vulnerable. Professional car thieves only need a few
minutes to steal a car. But Remote Guards at OHZ Security can instantly detect criminal activity as
soon as it occurs. When a suspicious person is detected, Remote Guards can order the
individual(s) to leave and immediately notify local authorities.


2. Fraudulent Claims

Customer complaints of damage to vehicles when they are on your property for service or repairs
is a common issue. Remote video monitoring enables you to monitor the condition of cars and
observe the actions of each person who is on your property. If there are any claims of damaged
vehicles while at your dealership, you’ll have video evidence of what actually occurred and
potentially reduce your risk of fraudulent claims.


3. Employee Productivity

With high-quality video surveillance you can monitor the productivity of your employees both in the
service department and sales. Your team also can utilize cameras to detect how efficiently team
members are operating.


4. Vandalism

Property damage is another significant problem that car dealerships often face. The use of OHZ Security’s artificial intelligence will make it possible for Remote Guards to react instantly at the
onset of any suspicious activity and vandalism taking place. Since security guards can’t physically
be everywhere at the same time, that’s where remote video surveillance can help, by giving you a
complete view of your entire property 24/7.

Protect Your Car Dealership Today with OHZ Remote Monitoring

Our security experts will come to your property to assess your facility’s security needs and create a
custom security solution that will keep your property safe.

We’ll also develop a security plan for your car dealership – free of charge.