The fast-growing cannabis industry in America increasingly attracts all kinds of criminals. There are a lot of security factors that can lead to shutting down a cannabis business. Cannabis facility owners should secure their business with the help of installing video surveillance systems and have it monitored 24/7 by our professional team, which helps  prevent crime and save their business from potential losses. 

These are the most common problems of cannabis business introduced below, which can be avoided by reaching out to us at OHZ Remote Guarding to help you implement new security measures. 

1. State security requirements for cannabis businesses. Currently there are various physical security requirements at the state level. In some states such as California, companies are required to equip their business with 24-hour surveillance capability with a minimum of 90 days of video storage. It is a mandatory condition to have cameras with a minimum of 720p resolution, 15 frames per second capture rate, providing full outdoor and indoor coverage. Poor safety conditions can lead to penalties ranging from business closures, revocation of marijuana licenses, to criminal charges that can even result in imprisonment if there is sufficient evidence of negligence or misconduct. Having a video security system throughout the facility will help avoid business problems with the law.

2. Risk of crime and attacks from the outside. The marijuana business has always been attractive to organized criminal groups. Different outside attacks on the warehouse frequently take place. Facility video surveillance solves the security problem by providing comprehensive perimeter monitoring. Using special software we set particular trigger zones, the activity in which will automatically trigger the alarm. In addition, we install microphones along the entire territory, with the help of which the Remote Guards can react instantly in case of intrusion and frighten the criminals by not letting them enter the territory of facilitation. If the Remote Guards sees that the criminals are not paying attention and continue trespassing – they call the police immediately. 

3. The problem of internal theft. Employees in the Facility are tempted by unlimited access to the stock. They can use this opportunity for their own use or for further resale. In any case – such actions lead to a decrease in profits of the entire business. A system of control of employees on facilitation is established in order to insure you against such issues. We control all the employee’s actions: entry, downtime, breaks and their duration, leaving their work place with a demonstration of bags for checking the presence of stock items. Being under video monitoring supervised by Remote Guards, the employees of the Facility will not have a chance to commit even the smallest theft in the protected area.

4. The problem with internal efficiency, proper packaging and transportation. Among great complications is damage to the goods during transportation. Employee negligence and inattention can be costly to a company. Video surveillance helps to discipline employees and they seek to be more responsible for their work. In case the employees have the understanding of being monitored they become more attentive to products and do not make critical mistakes that can lead to product damage. If the product damage happens, surveillance footage will help identify the person responsible for the damage. The identification data from the surveillance cameras will be instantly transmitted to the facility administrator in order to punish the guilty one and resolve the situation.

5. The problem of complete security. Remote monitoring that can be done within any device is a step into the future of the modern security system. Each Facility Manager has access to 24-hour surveillance, meaning that every inch of the cannabis facility is monitored constantly. At the same time, the area is closely monitored by security guards. In case of any issue, our security service immediately sends a report to the manager of the facility. Commonly, we solve the problem internally and send the result to reassure the manager that the facility is safe and problems have already been solved. If there is an emergency – security monitoring guards call the police immediately. The combination of all video surveillance tools along with the 24-hour monitoring of the territory allows to secure the territory’s cannabis facility from any criminal activity to the full extent.

OHZ Remote Guarding provides high quality security solutions for cannabis facilities. Our experience allows us to customize the video surveillance service to your personal requirements and wishes. Remote video monitoring will help protect your business from criminal situations and possible legal problems. Contact OHZ Remote Guarding consultants to discuss the reliability of your current security system and how it can be improved.