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Does your Business Need Remote Guarding?

Does Your business need remote guarding? To help you determine whether your business or even private property needs remote security, this article will be divided into four paragraphs that explores topics that should be taken into consideration before making a conclusion. Firstly, what is remote guarding? Remote surveillance systems What do the statistics say? Is […]
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6 Considerations When Deciding Where to Put Security Cameras

OHZ Remote Guarding is able to deter or apprehend virtually any intruder who tries to break into your facility. But how do we do it? A necessary part in ensuring you have the comprehensive security you need is to have appropriately located and installed cameras. While security cameras are an easy and useful tool against these would-be intruders, they often require a fair bit of forethought when it comes to placement and implementation. Because of the myriad of things you have to consider when planning your camera location, we thought we’d help you out. Here are the top tips we have to ensure you have your security cameras located in the right places.
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Do You Need To Upgrade Your Security System? 5 Tips to Help You Decide

  It can be challenging to determine if you need a security upgrade. While you obviously don’t want to spend money if you don’t need to, there’s always a potential you’re opening yourself up to damages, thefts, and vandalism if you don’t possess the proper security. Not only that, securing your building with an outdated […]
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