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TOP 5 Security Surveillance Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

The fast-growing cannabis industry in America increasingly attracts all kinds of criminals. There are a lot of security factors that can lead to shutting down a cannabis business. Cannabis facility owners should secure their business with the help of installing video surveillance systems and have it monitored 24/7 by our professional team, which helps  prevent […]
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Security System for Construction Sites

Construction sites area needs solid protection as it attracts crooks of all kinds. Theft, trespassing, vandalism and employee error these are the regular problems which have to be solved with the help of security system within the site. OHZ Remote Guarding provides a customized security system specializing on solving all these problems for construction sites. […]
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50 Fs Istotnie Deposit Lub 25 Euro Bez Depozytu

Wystarczy, że spełni podstawowe warunki weryfikacyjne (często wymaga się weryfikacji SMS czy też tożsamości) i jest w stanie go odebrać bez wymogu realizacji pierwszej wpłaty. Bonus, wynoszący 100 zł mechanicznie pojawi się na koncie gracza. Nie – do wyboru będziesz miał wyłącznie jeden z bonusów, dlatego dobrze zastanów się, który wydaje się być dla ciebie […]
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Remote Guarding and Other Ways To Keep Your Hotel Secure

There are many factors that are at play when it comes to the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customer. One element that should remain through the entirety of your business is safety. Safety for the customer, employee and the establishment should be kept up to date, and never neglected.  Take a […]
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Keeping your Construction Site Safe from Unwanted Strangers

In our latest video, we captured an intruder entering one of our sites late at night. Click here to watch the video. At around 2 AM, an OHZ Remote Guarding agent spotted an unwanted stranger entering one of the construction sites that OHZ Remote Guarding monitors. The intruder entered without hesitation and shockingly flopped on […]
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Things You Need To Know About Parking Lot Safety

It doesn’t seem to be common knowledge as to how dangerous parking lots can actually be. According to the Department of Justice, parking lots are the third most regular place where crimes are committed with nearly 1400 crimes committed on a daily basis. The most frequent crime that occurs in parking lots tends to be […]
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Does your Business Need Remote Guarding?

Does Your business need remote guarding? To help you determine whether your business or even private property needs remote security, this article will be divided into four paragraphs that explores topics that should be taken into consideration before making a conclusion. Firstly, what is remote guarding? Remote surveillance systems What do the statistics say? Is […]
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6 Considerations When Deciding Where to Put Security Cameras

OHZ Remote Guarding is able to deter or apprehend virtually any intruder who tries to break into your facility. But how do we do it? A necessary part in ensuring you have the comprehensive security you need is to have appropriately located and installed cameras. While security cameras are an easy and useful tool against these would-be intruders, they often require a fair bit of forethought when it comes to placement and implementation. Because of the myriad of things you have to consider when planning your camera location, we thought we’d help you out. Here are the top tips we have to ensure you have your security cameras located in the right places.
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Do You Need To Upgrade Your Security System? 5 Tips to Help You Decide

  It can be challenging to determine if you need a security upgrade. While you obviously don’t want to spend money if you don’t need to, there’s always a potential you’re opening yourself up to damages, thefts, and vandalism if you don’t possess the proper security. Not only that, securing your building with an outdated […]
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