The cannabis industry faces significant risks due to the presence of large amounts of cash and multiple stages involved in cultivation, harvest, packaging, and delivery. To address these challenges, the implementation of comprehensive video monitoring and security solutions is crucial. In this article, we focus on the key aspects of creating a safe and secure cannabis facility.

At OHZ we specialize in helping clients overcome security concerns, allowing them to concentrate on growing their business with peace of mind. Our experts are equipped to handle a range of security issues, safeguarding your facilities and protecting you from potential risks.


Is it costly?

Although investing in security measures may seem expensive, ignoring these opportunities can expose your business to even greater risks. Our services are not only effective but can also lead to cost savings in the long run. By incorporating proactive video monitoring alongside traditional security measures, you can save tens of thousands of dollars annually.


What areas do we cover?

OHZ remote guarding is tailored to meet the unique security requirements of cannabis dispensaries and cultivation facilities. Our state-of-the-art video surveillance system, complemented by A.I. technologies and professional remote guards, offers round-the-clock protection, preventing crimes before they occur. We remain at the forefront of evolving security needs, providing you with the necessary tools and services to protect all your facility locations effectively.


How quickly can we respond to incidents?

Our remote guards are highly skilled specialists capable of immediate response within seconds of any occurrence. The combination of intelligent software and experienced professionals allows us to identify and address suspicious activities promptly, ensuring nothing important goes unnoticed. We maintain constant communication with our clients, offering valuable advice on improving security conditions.


Are we experienced enough to work with cannabis facilities?

OHZ Remote Guarding has extensive experience working with various property types, ranging from hotels to rehab centers, banks, and industrial facilities. We understand that every business requires tailored security methods, and we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner in providing top-notch CCTV support. Feedback from our current clients attests to our ability to handle challenges and continually enhance the level of support we offer.


What problems can you face without using OHZ’s CCTV with remote guarding?

In today’s business landscape, CCTV solutions are essential to maintain security and mitigate potential risks. Get in touch with our agents, and we will create a personalized offer for your property. Furthermore, protecting a cultivation facility or dispensary from criminal activity and liability is crucial. With the high footfall in dispensaries, safeguarding against claims is of utmost importance.


In conclusion, implementing CCTV surveillance with OHZ’s remote guarding service is a vital step towards creating a safer and more secure environment for cannabis facilities. Embracing these advanced security solutions not only protects your business from potential threats but also ensures smooth operations and a protected future.