It can be challenging to determine if you need a security upgrade. While you obviously don’t want to spend money if you don’t need to, there’s always a potential you’re opening yourself up to damages, thefts, and vandalism if you don’t possess the proper security. Not only that, securing your building with an outdated system can result in potential threats jeopardizing the safety of those who live or work in your facility. Those concerns are the last thing a business owner or location manager wants to worry about.

Here are a few key points to help you decide if you need a more robust security force at your building or facility:

1. Your current security system is outdated:

If your IP camera system uses cables and wires to transmit footage to be stored on a network, that’s an advantage. But any type of system that relies on analog methods of transmitting and storing footage needs to be upgraded. These systems need to be improved because the footage is being stored locally on an NVR. In a similar vein, using old cameras is a common mistake people make when installing or evaluating their security system. You want (and need) high-resolution, color imaging for your cameras. Not only does this help you better understand what’s happening during a situation, but you’re also more likely to be able to identify a perpetrator if the need arises.

2. No method of remote access:

You should always be able to access your camera system using some method. Or, at the very least, know you’ll receive notifications if an emergency or threat is determined. The ability to remotely monitor your cameras gives you the option to immediately check if you believe something could be wrong (or even just release any anxiety you might have.) You shouldn’t have to wait until the next day to know an emergency happened at your facility. If you aren’t receiving some alert or notification, you definitely need an upgrade.

3. Your facility’s location is shifting in safety:

Areas can change over time. If your building’s location has increased in security threats due to a myriad of potential factors, you might need to look into establishing a stronger security system. Periodically check crime statistics in your building’s area. If you notice an increasing trend, this might be a strong reason to increase your security. Protecting the assets, people, and building itself are all high priorities for any business owner or manager, and increasing threats come with an increasing ability to compromise the security systems you currently have in place.

4. You haven’t maintained your company’s current business structure:

As your business grows and expands, you’ll naturally need to have increased security. Increased foot traffic, size, space, and staff are all potential indicators you might need to upgrade. Because your current system, even if up to date, might not have the capability to effectively secure an area for which it wasn’t originally built. Consider the last time you thought about your security needs. If there have been any significant changes to the size or space since that time, you need to re-evaluate your security needs.

5. The items or building itself are worth more:

While developing a business structure means you require additional security, the same thing goes for the actual items you utilize. As your company or building’s needs grow, so does the overall worth and value of what’s there. This can attract more attention from thieves and would-be robbers. As a result, it’s best to periodically consider your items and building’s worth to determine if the amount of value necessitates a newer security system.

What does OHZ offer that solves these problems?

If any of the above points resonate with you, and you’ve determined you might need an upgrade on your current security system, contact OHZ Remote Guarding! We offer the most up-to-date systems that secure and provide protection for the people, items, and even the building itself to maximize safety and security. And with our 24/7 Remote Guards keeping watch over your facility, we’re able to deter would-be intruders in real-time and even help guide police directly to a perpetrator if the need arises. We use an advanced AI secure against cyber-crimes so that cutting wires can be a concern of the past. And suppose you’re unsure what you need to best secure your facility. In that case, OHZ Remote Guarding offers on-site consultations so you can best understand how you can maximize your security and keep the people and items in your building safe.