To keep your business running safely you must have an up-to-date security system. OHZ is your reliable partner in CCTV systems and we are ready to provide you with high quality 24/7 video monitoring. You will save your money and insure your business from many risks. Industrial centers and parks, are busy all-hours hubs that are vital to the way your business operates. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of your property and then to enable convenient access to authorized personnel.

Commercial and industrial security systems do more than simply prevent theft, they can also deter violence, vandalism, employee theft, help catch thieves and can even provide employees with a safer work environment.


1. Define the rationale for installing CCTV

Now it’s hard to imagine any industrial property without modern CCTV system, our specialists will calculate the necessary number of cameras according to your area. We prevent you from unnecessary expenses, our security experts will come to your property to assess your facility’s security needs and create a custom security solution that will keep your property safe. We will develop a security plan for your property, free of charge!


2. Does your Industrial building need a CCTV System?

The answer is very simple: all of this you will receive with modern video monitoring service from OHZ:

> Effective Remote Guards

> Protection against theft

> Detecting and Monitoring Unscrupulous Employees

> Remote gate lift control

> Remote monitoring 24/7


3. What areas should you protect?


Camera’s will usually be positioned externally and internally to record people coming and going from all entrance points. Previously, the control of access to the industrial warehouse was done by a person, but now it can be done remotely. It is more efficient to delegate the control of gate lifting and the passage of trucks with cargo to a Remote Guards.



Parking lots are often the scene of theft and vandalism. When using OHZ Remote Guarding it is possible to make any parking lot one of the safest places in your industrial area.



If you have an administrative center in your industrial area, it should be monitored. Regular monitoring will allow you to record possible employee misconduct, including downtime, poor customer service, theft or any other unacceptable action.



Theft of goods from a warehouse for the purpose of subsequent resale can obstruct business. Owners and managers of industrial warehouses should install full-fledged remote video monitoring, because it is the only security method that can provide real protection against theft.



Remote video monitoring allows us to monitor employees’ actions in real-time; their movements, actions with products, arrival and departure times, the contents of their bags and unplanned pauses during the work day.



Our company provides 100% coverage of your territory. We pay special attention to areas of increased danger. We have left no way for thieves or unwanted persons.


4. What CCTV system to install?

OHZ Company consists of high-skilled professionals and we guaranty the highest quality of CCTV monitoring systems. Every client is important to us and we approach solving problems individually, depending on the characteristics of the property.

We offer a range of cameras to satisfy your technological and budgetary requirements. Our team is focused on creating the ultimate security solutions for our customers, which is why we pay special attention to the operational capabilities of each camera. If your property requires installation of CCTV cameras, you can fully rely on our expertise.


5. Monitoring CCTV camera’s

A combination of modern artificial intelligence and high-skilled remote guars protect your property 24/7.
The professional skills of our Remote Guards are the vital piece that allows for the most effective security system. By operating from a certified video monitoring center, Remote Guards maximize the full benefits of state-of-the-art security. Certified video monitoring center standards make it mandatory to provide regular training for our Remote Guards, making our team one of the most efficient in the video monitoring industry.