In the realm of financial institutions, the security of your bank is non-negotiable. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems stand as a paramount element in fortifying security and surveillance. OHZ offers efficient and cost-effective security solutions to safeguard your bank. Let’s delve into key aspects of our bank security CCTV systems:


Visible CCTV cameras are an imposing deterrent to potential criminals. The knowledge that their actions are being recorded acts as a discouragement against criminal activities such as robbery or fraud within the bank premises. OHZ Remote Guards are on standby to respond instantly to any security threat. Unlike traditional security measures, remote video monitoring offers a comprehensive view of your entire facility.


Strategically placed CCTV cameras cover critical areas including the banking hall, entrances, exits, ATMs, and vaults. This extensive coverage ensures uninterrupted monitoring. OHZ employs live video monitoring, which encompasses the entire perimeter of your bank, granting Remote Guards visibility into every area.

Access Control and Identification:

Our CCTV systems are seamlessly integrated with access control systems. This allows security personnel to visually verify individuals entering the bank and remotely grant or deny access based on identification. Our Facial Recognition technology employs advanced algorithms to map and learn specific faces authorized for access. Each face is instantly identified and matched with the approved database, streamlining entry to the building or secured areas.

Alarm Response:

OHZ Security systems are closely linked with alarm systems. When an alarm is triggered, our cameras automatically focus on the alarmed area, providing real-time visuals to security personnel for prompt assessment and response.

Cash Handling and Deposits:

High-resolution cameras are used to monitor cash handling areas, including cash drawers, counting rooms, and ATMs, ensuring the security of cash assets. The safeguarding of safe deposits is of paramount concern, and remote security monitoring ensures immediate notification to Remote Guards of any breaches in this area.

In summary, OHZ’s bank security systems form an essential part of a multifaceted security strategy, encompassing physical security measures, access control, and trained personnel. These systems not only augment security but also cultivate a sense of safety for both bank employees and customers.

Our team of security experts is prepared to visit your property and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your security requirements. We will then develop a tailored security plan at no cost to you, affording you the opportunity to experience the excellence of the OHZ Remote Guarding team. Your bank’s security is our priority.