Critical infrastructure sites represent some of the most crucial assets requiring protection. Modern society depends on an uninterrupted supply of electricity, and any disruption can have far-reaching consequences. Vandalism or terrorist attacks targeting power grids can lead to significant problems. Fortunately, contemporary technologies, including video surveillance, have been devised to preempt and mitigate these threats. Employing artificial intelligence systems and professional remote monitoring personnel, we maintain a 24/7 vigilance to promptly identify and alert against potential harm.

The primary challenge faced by power utilities worldwide is the quest for an affordable solution that can effectively detect, deter, and facilitate an informed response to security incidents at substations. Drawing upon our extensive experience, OHZ Security has developed proprietary response algorithms that minimize risks and ensure uninterrupted operations.


Video-Centric Security and Alarm Systems

Video monitoring stands as one of the most effective means of safeguarding your assets. OHZ Security has achieved the highest standards in video surveillance, validated by our certificates and accolades.


Intruder Detection

Utilizing advanced A.I., we diligently monitor all activities along the perimeter of critical infrastructure areas, including power generation plants, transmission infrastructure, and substations. These areas operate under stringent access controls, enabling us to grant access only to authorized individuals while effectively thwarting intrusion attempts. Facial recognition software will be able to differentiate employees from intruders.


Effective Deterrence

We leave no detail unchecked, adhering to the fundamental principle of security: never overlook minor signals. Neglecting seemingly insignificant signs can lead to significant problems, and our attention to detail has proven pivotal in preventing numerous crimes.


Intelligent Video Technology

When deploying CCTV monitoring systems, the OHZ Remote Guarding team equips clients with the latest advancements in security surveillance technology. We install highly sophisticated solutions that are capable of identifying threats in every square inch of the property, whether it’s day or night.



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