As technology continues to advance, there has been a shift towards the use of monitoring systems as opposed to live guards. While some may argue that there is no substitute for a physical presence, there are several reasons why monitoring is actually a better option.



Hiring and training guards can be expensive, and the costs only increase if you need to have a guard on duty around-the-clock. Plus, a guard can really only monitor one area of a building at a time.  In contrast, monitoring systems are an investment that requires minimal maintenance once installed. Monitoring systems allow you to monitor multiple sites simultaneously, which is not possible with physical guards.


24/7 surveillance

Monitoring systems can offer 24/7 surveillance, which is not possible with physical guards. With monitoring systems, you can have constant surveillance around the clock, which ensures that your property is always protected.


No human error

A guard may miss something important, or make a wrong decision if they are not in the exact location at the right time. With monitoring systems, there is no room for human error. The systems are programmed to detect and respond to specific events, and they do so consistently and accurately.


Real-time alerts

Monitoring systems can provide real-time alerts when an event occurs, which allows for a quick response. This is particularly important in emergency situations, where every second counts. 


Improved accuracy

Monitoring systems can be programmed to detect very specific events, such as motion detection, facial recognition, and object tracking. This means that they can provide accurate and detailed information, which can be used to improve security protocols. Guards may not be as accurate in their observations, particularly if they are monitoring a large area.


In conclusion, monitoring systems offer several advantages over actual guards. They are cost-effective, provide 24/7 surveillance, have no human error, offer real-time alerts, and provide improved accuracy. While physical guards may still be necessary in some situations, monitoring systems are up and coming in the security industry.