In our latest video, we captured an intruder entering one of our sites late at night. Click here to watch the video.

At around 2 AM, an OHZ Remote Guarding agent spotted an unwanted stranger entering one of the construction sites that OHZ Remote Guarding monitors. The intruder entered without hesitation and shockingly flopped on the ground for a snooze. The agent that was monitoring the situation activated the on-set speakers. The intruder most likely heard, however, ignored, thinking that it was probably just an automatic warning, not an actual guard. The agent proceeded to call the police who arrived within a few minutes. The police were stunned that the man truly was just laying on the floor and didn’t even attempt to steal. The police escorted the man out of the building, after which they did a quick search of the building, making sure that no one else was on site. As fortunate as this ending was, nothing was stolen, no one was injured, it could’ve gone completely different. It is not uncommon for us to deal with more malicious criminals, who steal and break and even do harm to others. So here are some tips from OHZ Remote Guarding on what you can do to protect your construction site from trespassers.

Things You Can Do To Enhance Safety

Keep Your Doors Locked!
One thing that you should learn from this video is to always keep your doors locked, even if you think it’s a low crime area or maybe you may be forgetful, make sure to double-check that the door is locked. In this video, you can see that it was so easy for the stranger to get in since the doors were not locked, this highly increased the chances of theft and intrusion.

Lock Away Tools And Materials
Locking and hiding tools can also be a great way to keep tools hidden from everyone but workers who know where the tools are stored. Often, thieves come and take the fastest accessible tools that are usually easy to find or are laying out in the open. Keep in mind The National Equipment Register estimates that somewhere between $300 million to $1 billion is stolen every year.

Get Remote Guards
Remote Guards has been so effective not just for construction sites, but also for stores, hotels, parking lots, and other areas. You can check out our Instagram page and youtube page for more interesting catches.

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