There are many factors that are at play when it comes to the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customer. One element that should remain through the entirety of your business is safety. Safety for the customer, employee and the establishment should be kept up to date, and never neglected.  Take a look at some ways you can maintain the success of your hotel or stay safe when staying at a hotel.

For Business Owners:

  • Safety Meetings with Staff.
    It is encouraged that hotel staff participate in various safety drills such as fire drills, active shooter drills, evacuation drills, and others. In a moment of urgency, staff should be ready and know how to protect themselves and those around them.
  • Staff Uniforms.
    This sounds like a no brainer, however a clean and attractive uniform can help your customers to feel comfortable and know exactly who to approach for help. Also, the type of uniform your staff wears reflects the aesthetic and image of your business.
  • Upgrade locks.
    Upgrading rusty old locks could prevent someone from entering or breaking those locks, also anyone who may have a copy of the lock would no longer have access to it. You may also consider getting deadbolts which could add to the security.
  • CCTV and Remote Monitoring
    Installing security cameras and also combining them with remote monitoring for more efficiency, not only reduces endangerment, but also improves security by allowing you to retrieve footage. Remote Guard can also detect every single person who enters or leaves, and can also be a virtual doorman by giving or denying access to those who wish to enter. Check out our article “Does your business need remote security?” for more tips and information.

 For Customers:

  • If possible avoid ground floors.
    Ground floors are generally the most dangerous since they’re the easiest to break into.
  • Lock the windows.
    Before leaving your room, always make sure your window is locked, as many criminals enjoy using the window as their main entrance as it’s easy to quickly enter and exists and doesn’t take much time to find things of value.
  • Install location software on your devices. If you are unable to keep your devices with you at all times then it would be a smart idea to pre-install a location software that would help track your devices in the event of them being stolen.