Providing remote guarding for hundreds of companies in various industries is a hallmark of OHZ Remote Guarding. The implementation of modern technology, regular surveillance from cameras by security guards and immediate response to forbidden actions allow to keep intact the property of clients while saving thousands and thousands of dollars. Such efficiency is possible due to implementation of personalized service from OHZ Remote Guarding when according to needs of each separate property unified security solutions are elaborated which will allow to protect absolutely each type of business property. OHZ Remote Guarding team supervisor Adam Johns will explain the fundamental reliability principles that are used to provide remote video monitoring service.   

1.Initial audit 

Each object before installing security surveillance needs a thorough examination of the perimeter, the facilities installed, the internal structure of the facilities, and the emergency exit doors. Inspection allows you to determine the vulnerabilities that will try to take advantage of the criminals at the time of presence in your territory. On the basis of the information received, a remote monitoring plan was formed which included the installation of security video cameras and other professional security equipment in certain areas for maximum effective protection of the territory.

2.Unified solution 

Each client receives a security solution which solves his personal problems based on the unique features of his own site and the security solutions that are already in use at the moment. OHZ Remote Guarding always adheres to the credo of improving the security ecosystem of an object, with the aim of minimizing the cost of securing the object while achieving maximum protection. For example, a property may have surveillance cameras installed, but you may not have the time to monitor, the video security staff, the necessary technology that can provide you with full protection. A reliable security solution is always a complex of many equally important elements, which are managed by a team of specialists from different departments of remote security monitoring and clients of OHZ Remote Guarding always get all the benefits from it.

3.Installing video cameras, security equipment and warning signs  

Installing video surveillance cameras on premises is probably the most important point in creating an effective security solution. Cameras should be installed according to the needs of your facility, sometimes even in places where a camera is not expected. Video surveillance cameras will be your eyes for full control of your own territory. To extend the security capabilities and be able not only to watch what is happening, but also to influence it, speakers are also installed on the territory, which are used to immediately warn the person who intends to do harm to your property. Video monitoring warning signs are also used in the protected area. We always recommend the installation of warning posters for the protected area, because we have observed the effectiveness of installing warning signs to reduce incidents in the protected area.

4.Artificial intelligence 

Security technologies based on artificial intelligence make it possible to respond to accidents in fractions of a second. When guarding an object its division into different zones is applied, each zone has its own triggers which will be instantly responded to by artificial intelligence. Upon noticing suspicious activity an instant reaction will be created which will be aimed at stopping illegal actions. At the same time, the chief of security will be sent photos and video of the incident, with the decision which was aimed at eliminating the incident. Day or night – the territory is safe if your company uses this technology. Despite all the advantages of the technology its effective operation requires experienced specialists who know how to manage many options to ensure absolute safety on your territory.

5.Professional remote security monitoring team 

Remote video monitoring centers have anywhere from a tenth to several hundred professionally trained specialists on staff. This allows several employees to monitor a single property at the same time, making the protection of this property the most effective solution. Your territory is never left unattended, because this is especially important for facilities which need round-the-clock security. Regular alarm training and seminars on the use of security technologies are also held inside the team. Qualified remote security specialists who operate high-tech security solutions and are in touch with the police are a reliable security method for every property.

OHZ Remote Guarding is a company with many years of experience in the remote security business and has been awarded numerous professional certificates for its successful work. During all its history, the company has saved its clients millions of dollars that they could have lost to theft. The secret of the company’s effectiveness is its own security methodology, which was formed based on the experience of security in dozens of different sectors of business property. OHZ Remote Guarding recommends that all business owners do not leave no chance for burglars who are ready to seize your property at any time. To that end, take care of your remote video security so you can remain confident that your property is no longer in danger. If you want to install video security, but don’t know where to take the first steps on your property, fill out the form on our website. Our specialists will contact you and provide consultation to help you secure your facility from any external threats.