Construction sites area needs solid protection as it attracts crooks of all kinds. Theft, trespassing, vandalism and employee error these are the regular problems which have to be solved with the help of security system within the site. OHZ Remote Guarding provides a customized security system specializing on solving all these problems for construction sites. You can rest assured that OHZ Remote Guarding will provide the perfect security for all problem areas.

Sneak thieves. Security cameras installation throughout the area with marked trigger danger detection zones ensures an immediate response to any illegal entry within your site. The microphones used by our security surveillance guards often scare the thieves. If it doesn’t work police will be there within a few minutes. We guarantee an immediate response and solution to any criminal situation.

Dishonest employees. Sometimes it happens that employees within a company allow themselves to steal. Our video surveillance system guarantees instant identification of the person who committed the crime on the construction site. The site manager will immediately get the whole information connected with this particular issue aiming to solve it. Our team of highly skilled remote guards will not allow a single violation on your territory!

Monitoring your employee’s actions. Employees who get their payment per hour have to be monitored checking for their efficiency during working hours. OHZ Remote Guarding monitors and reports immediately on your workers’ activity at the site. You always get data on the entry, leaving or downtime of your employees with split-second accuracy.

Emergency Situations. You can never be 100% protected against the extreme weather conditions factor. If there is some danger or damage occurring on your site, our video surveillance will be on your guard to alert! We will immediately inform the manager about the possible danger in the structures to keep the employees safe from possible threats.

Working on you, our team of remote video guards keep real-time contact with the site manager in order to give an immediate response to the particular issue on the construction site. If our cameras detect thieves or criminals, we immediately call the police who will be on your territory within a minute. With the use of modern technology based on artificial intelligence, our staff monitors your site 24/7 and provides perfect protection against all possible issues. With OHZ Remote Guarding you can be sure that you will not suffer financial losses due to criminal or emergency situations at your construction sites.