Primarily, the main focus for video surveillance monitoring within an apartment building is ensuring its security. 

Among such tasks we keep a close eye on the street, parking lot, entrance, playground, lobby, etc. to ensure the safety of property and tenants feel safe, reduce the risk of vandalism, loitering, car theft, theft in the parking lot. As the crime wave is extremely high today, a security video monitoring system is a popular solution for the residents who desire to limit the flow of unwanted guests on the territory.

OHZ Remote Guarding has provided remote monitoring service for apartment complexes for many years. Our experience proves that installing surveillance cameras is not the only thing to solve the problem of security. If the area is not monitored in real time there is no one to prevent or stop a possible crime. Only Remote Guards who monitor the security of your property 24/7 can stop a crime and make the intruders refuse to commit illegal actions.

What are the benefits and best approaches to apartment surveillance?

Benefit: Real-time monitoring 

With remote video surveillance, you can turn surveillance from a reactive solution to a proactive one. It is possible due to the use of Remote Guards controlling the Remote Guards station in the apartment complex. The service uses camera analytics to detect activity based on set standards, and agents monitor the activity in real time 24/7. This means that if people are where they shouldn’t be or hang around at inappropriate times, remote video monitoring will detect this and alert remote agents. After having reviewed the live surveillance video and analyzed the situation, agents can notify security personnel on site. They can also alert authorities or make a verbal warning via the built-in loudspeakers or immediately call the police in case of a criminal situation.

Benefit: Crime deterrence

It’s no secret that criminals are less likely to act if strong security measures are in place. Think about it – if criminals are going to choose a target for vandalism, theft, or other type of crime, they are less likely to choose a building with multiple security cameras than one without. Video surveillance can deter crime by its mere presence. The most advanced crime prevention solution is the remote video surveillance which can deter crime the moment it occurs. When Remote Guards activate the alarm or give verbal warnings, criminals are likely to leave the scene of the crime. In case of emergency, the Remote Guards will call the police immediately.

Benefit: Support on the part of the security personnel

Having security guards on site can help protect your building, but of course there are problems associated with hiring a live security guard. Security guards can be expensive, especially if you need them for night shifts. Video surveillance allows guards to monitor activity at a facility and can even be supplemented with remote monitoring services to supplement guards or replace them entirely.

Benefit: Proper installation system

Working with a qualified security partner, you can strategically install cameras for maximum visibility and deterrence. Cameras must be set up to avoid blind spots, especially at entrances, exits, common areas and stairwells. To deter crime, they must be visible enough for people to see them but high enough to be out of reach. And if you are willing to use a remote monitoring service, be sure to consult OHZ Remote Guarding experts to determine the best course of action for the best protection.

Benefit:  Video recording 

Even with cameras strategically set up throughout your building, you can never be 100% sure that a criminal won’t act. You can however, be 100% sure that you will have the footage you need afterwards. Security footage will not only protect you as a building owner, but they will also assist law enforcement in dealing with the aftermath of a crime on your property.

Whether it’s a break-in, a robbery or an assault, it’s critical to have footage of serious incidents that occur at your site. You might need to see faces, license plates or other specific elements to best respond and identify a culprit.

Surveillance can offer several other benefits for apartment buildings, such as appealing to potential tenants and raising rent prices. To learn more about surveillance systems for your apartment complex, contact us today. We will help you keep residents safe and protect your building for years to come. Call us or contact us through the contact form on the website to get a prior consultation from the experts OHZ Remote Guarding as for security monitoring installation.