It doesn’t seem to be common knowledge as to how dangerous parking lots can actually be. According to the Department of Justice, parking lots are the third most regular place where crimes are committed with nearly 1400 crimes committed on a daily basis. The most frequent crime that occurs in parking lots tends to be vandalism or theft, however, victims are also vulnerable to more severe crimes such as robbery or assault. These numbers have a tendency to spike during holidays, Black Friday, and just generally throughout the holiday shopping season. Although it should be mentioned that the actual number of incidents may be higher since many incidents go unreported.

Nevertheless, robbery and foul play aren’t the only dangers in parking lots.  A poll done by the National Safety Council (NSC) found that 66% of drivers use their phones to make phone calls or text while parking.

Other dangers may be:

  • Potholes or cracks
  • Debris
  • Snow and ice
  • Inadequate pavement striping

The good news is, there are many ways you can protect yourself in these situations. Take these steps into ensuring your safety and the safety of others.   

  • Use your mirrors and look over your shoulder when backing up
  • Lock your doors
  • If you have items in your car, place them in the trunk or a concealing place
  • If you can’t place the items in the trunk, use a dark cloth or blanket to hide the items
  • Have proper lighting
  • Do not use your phone

Why Parking Lots and Parking Garages Should Use Remote Security

As listed above, there are many ways one can protect themselves from danger while parking, however, that doesn’t make one immune to those hazards, things happen, and often times we wish we could just look back and see what we could’ve done differently, or even wish someone was there to call the police in a life-threatening situation. This is why Remote Guards can be such a life-changer.

Regular video surveillance is powerful on its own but combined with video analytics and human intelligence it becomes a game-changer. If someone attempts to compromise your location our AI detects the threat and alerts our Remote Guards, who are safely positioned remotely. While working with local law enforcement, our team will assess the situation in real-time and approach the intruder with deterrent measures.

Integrating an access control system with video surveillance technology will increase parking security if a parking garage has one. Integrated security allows security systems to communicate with one another.