In the modern world, you may find yourself or your business unprotected against criminal elements and other threats. Many business leaders erroneously believe that installing video cameras will adequately protect their property. Cameras are an important security tool. However, for absolute security it is imperative to implement other solutions that will help in protecting your property, even without the physical presence of a human guard on-site. Fortunately, you can secure yourself and your business with the help of the latest technology and Remote Guarding. OHZ Security co-founder Benjamin Spitz can answer the question: Why is Remote Guarding the best option to fully protect your property?

1. Video surveillance continuously provides a complete 360° view of your property.

The best way to control the security on every inch of your property is to install video surveillance cameras based on the structure of each area. Before installing video cameras on your property, it is necessary to get an initial audit by video surveillance experts. Our experts help plan the placement of cameras to obtain maximum security coverage of the property, and avoid blind zones. You have the assurance that you can constantly monitor the status of your entire perimeter, and you have the ability to respond instantly to all types of possible incidents. Proper installation of video cameras at your facility makes it possible to achieve absolute security.

2. Multiple security technologies are used in tandem.

Video surveillance cameras are fundamental in securing your property, but you can also use other tools to increase the effectiveness of your security. Installing speakers allows your monitoring team to deter an offender at the moment of suspected criminal activity. Alarms can be used to warn and dissuade the intruder. An automatically regulated departure barrier in the parking lot blocks the movement of vehicles that may be suspicious, or have no authorization to be in the area. Our team will customize a security plan based on the property type. We combine security options for the optimal solution that will provide the maximum level of security.

3. Using artificial intelligence in security is necessary.

The ability to automatically detect danger is a major advantage of modern security technology. AI-powered systems allow you to react to security breaches instantly by setting up systems with specific triggers. These sensitive triggers can be positioned around the perimeter to alert you in real time to a breach. Some systems allow the detection of an object in total darkness by means of thermal imprints, which can be especially important for the protection of power plants or industrial facilities. Each type of facility requires a personalized set of AI security solutions to support the security needs of the area.

4. There is always a specialist behind the camera.

Despite the fact that modern security technology is incredibly advanced, it could not be as effective without skillful management by specially trained, remote video monitoring specialists. Our remote guards constantly monitor what is happening on your property. If an incident occurs, our remote guards instantly take action to investigate and resolve the incident. An additional advantage of our security method is the ability to provide multiple specialists to assist in constant Remote Guarding cost effectively. This is easily feasible for professional companies in the Remote Guarding industry. Remote Guarding companies may designate multiple employees to your property, allowing them to provide the highest level of security for you, and all their clients.

5. Police and other authorities are instantly alerted.

If a Remote Guards detects a situation that requires a physical intervention, he immediately contacts the appropriate service that can secure the area. If burglars or thieves are detected, the police are immediately called. The Remote Guards is in contact with the police officer to provide an exact description of the criminal and his possible movements. Similarly, in case of a fire, the Remote Guards immediately respond by calling the fire fighters and providing detailed and timely information.

A multi-tiered security solution is vital for the protection of your property and businesses. If you need a reliable security partner to provide vital security protection, contact OHZ Remote Guarding, a professional Remote Guarding company. Hundreds of companies across America are protected by the special security system implemented by OHZ Security. To benefit from the expertise of OHZ Remote Guarding, you can schedule a free visit to your property. During the visit, OHZ security experts will conduct a detailed review of your property, and develop a personalized security plan for your property. Our personalized security plan guarantees maximum security once implemented. This assessment is free of charge, and gives you the opportunity to personally experience the excellence of the team at OHZ Remote Guarding. Call us or contact us through the contact form on the website to get a free visit to your property from the experts OHZ Remote Guarding.